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To go along with my previous post, the covers of some books that have stuck with me over the years, for good or for bad!  It was hard to narrow it down to just 10…. I could list so many more….

  1. gingerhaole said: You put The Eleventh Hour on yours too!!!! :D I’m freakin’ out! I also loved Lord of the Flies when I was a kid. And those fuckin’ Scary Stories books — I couldn’t even look at the cover. But I LOVED THEM.
  2. paintedgoat said: Good collection.
  3. minnothebunny said: Lafcadio! Xx
  4. searlait said: Yesssss to the Scary Stories Treasury. WITH ORIGINAL COVER/ILLUSTRATIONS, DAMMIT. Nothing else will do. NOTHING.
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